There is nothing that we can buy or achieve that will not come without some form of maintenance and human intervention, and the beauty of a gravel driveway is no exception to this rule. With its versatility, you can’t go wrong with gravel as your choice of driveway material. Despite this, we have to be aware of the maintenance that is required. Here are a few tips and tricks the team here at Northern Driveways have put together…

  • There are a few tools that every gravel driveway owner should have in their possession; a supply of extra gravel, a shovel and a rake. This is because the extra gravel makes it much easier to fill in holes, a shovel is handy for spreading the gravel around and a rake aids in removing weeds and debris.
  • A gravel driveway is not a permanently flat surface which means that it needs constant care to ensure that it maintains its aesthetic value. The longer you continue to put off removing debris such as leaves and sticks from your gravel driveway, the more difficult and time consuming you are making it for your future self when you finally get around to it. This task should be completed on a weekly basis for those who want a pristine exterior.
  • Gravel is a surface with movement which means that constant walking and driving over the top will dislodge it. When a hole or gap appears in your gravel, you should not be tempted to move gravel from one area to another as this will simply create more weak spots. Simply fill the rut with new gravel to ensure an even layer.

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