Northern Driveways - Block Paving

Having a good-quality driveway can make your home more visually appealing. The right kind of surfacing material can complement your property. One of the best driveway materials is block paving, made from concrete and clay. The blocks can be laid in detailed patterns and shaped to individual taste. There are various advantages to block paving:


The versatility of block paving makes it an excellent material to use. It comes in a range of styles and colours, block paving can be customised to your own specifications. Different designs and shapes can be formed, further adding to the appeal of the material.

Environmentally sustainable

Compared to many other surfacing materials, block paving is more environmentally sustainable due to its porous nature. This means the paving will absorb rainwater and stop it from gathering on your patio or driveway. The added benefit is that the surface area will have better drainage.

Low maintenance

Block paving does not require a lot of maintenance because of what the material it is made from. All you’ll have to do is apply soap and water to keep it clean.


Due to its durability, block paving is a long-lived material. Block paving is durable enough to withstand the pressure of an airplane, which is why it’s a common material at airports. You can drive your car over it many times and it won’t suffer from any wear and tear. Also, block paving is highly resistant to most chemicals, oils, salts and frosts.

Visual appeal

With the variety of styles on offer, block paving is guaranteed to improve the appearance of your home. There’s the option to use a simplistic design, or go for something more intricate. If you’re planning to sell the property in future, then a clean, well-maintained driveway will always add value.


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